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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Adventures

Photo Creds:  The Pirate Queen Teacher

Many teachers deem summer as a restful time of the year.  It's a chance to get rejuvenated for the upcoming year; take some time for yourself and enjoy a work-free environment...... YEAH RIGHT! Not for this chick!  :)  My summers are usually jammed packed FULL of activities, events, and summer camps.  Not to mention, that I also work two part-time jobs.  I'm not typically one to sit still for long periods of time, so an eventful summer suits me just fine!

As soon as summer lets out, I head straight to the farm...potato farm that is.  Primary, my job is making sure the "good" potatoes are loaded onto trucks for delivery to the plants that make chips.  It's a HOT and DIRTY job, but easy money!  I've been doing it since high school so it has become a summer habit!

When I said dirty... you thought I was kidding, right?!  

The third week in July, I travel to Black Mountain, North Carolina where I am camp counselor at my church affiliated camp, which takes place at Cragmont Assembly.  The camp is a week long venture. We house approximately 200 students ages 9 to 18.  Camp is similar to one big vacation bible school. Counselors teach two classes daily and students can participate in recreational games, drama, art, and choral programs.  Worship service occur every night as well. Cragmont is a very special place for the adults and children - we have created lifelong friendships and give God the glory for it all!

Eastern NC counselors AKA my church family!

Just a few of the kids on the trails to the top of the mountain!

A beautiful group of ladies that bunked with me all week.

The day the students arrive, the staff heads to Ihop for a BIG breakfast!

How our classes look.... High school gals are much more attentive than what I am used to with my second graders!  :)

Amidst all the craziness this summer, my family grew by one! My cousin, Will and his wife Laura gave birth to their second baby girl.  After spending all day at the hospital, we were pleased to hear that Miss Carrie Ann had been born and was doing well. 2015 seems to be the year of the baby because another cousin and a really good friend are also expecting - all within the next couple of months!

I think now, I can finally say that things are slowing down.  I am ready to start the new school year and get back into a routine with my new babies!  Hope everyone has a wonderful year and lots of success!  

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