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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Start of a New School Year!

It's been a busy time in fourth grade already! I am adjusting well, and loving the independence my kiddos are exhibiting. The best part about being in a new grade level has been seeking the progress and growth my former students have made from 2nd grade.  It's just a small preview, but allow me to show you how our first month of school has rolled out!

The State Superintendent came for a visit and spoke with our children as they were boarding buses.

She also held a round table discussion with the teachers; answering questions and listening to concerns.

My little slice of heaven - book corner!

My students often work in groups on assignments.

We work together to answer questions about our reading stories.

Important facts about Lewis and Clark.

Sometimes the students like to sit on the couch to work!

And sometimes we spread out in the floor for more room!

My fellow fourth grade teacher and Dr. Atkinson.

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