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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Ron Clark Academy

One word can sum up my visit to RCA.... Aaaaamazing!  There will never be another professional development opportunity that can even come close to matching this one! If you have been, then you know what I mean. If you haven't been, well I sure hope you can arrange a trip to Atlanta during your time as an educator. From minute one, it was an engaging and exciting experience - and of course, something worth sharing.

I will warn you... What you are about to experience could be considered "picture overload" but there was so much to take away from this experience!  I'll do my best to explain some of the pictures and hope that something in them will inspire you to inquire about visiting!

First Stop: Mr. Clark's Math Class

During this lesson,  he didn't speak while teaching. He signaled the students to think, work, and respond in unison. Every child was on task. 
5th graders' work = AMAZING!
Once the lesson was over, he jumps up on the tables to monitor independent work.

This student responded correctly to the independent problem and was granted permission to also monitor and check his classmates' work!

Students are given the opportunity to explain their thinking and methods of solving the problems.

Elementary Shenanigans!!!!

Hope King from Elementary Shenanigans is such an inspiration. After following her for several years, I finally had the opportunity to meet her and watch her teach! In the pictures below, her 5th graders were finding evidence in the text....with a twist!  :)  Jenga blocks were involved!

Meeting Kim Bearden was also a huge highlight of the tour. I wasn't able to see her teach, but I was able to hear her speak. Everything that she had to say was directed towards teachers...taking care of themselves! Sometimes we get so caught up in taking care of our students, that we forget ourselves. She shared a personal story with us that was truly inspirational.

Of course, a trip to RCA means becoming Slide Certified! So much fun sliding down the two story slide in to the crowd of students and staff! 

Cheesing with some of the RCA students!  They were such sweet children!


And the BEST part of the visit was being able to chat with Ron Clark himself.  He is such an inspiring and interesting person to talk to that it is always so much fun (my third time actually). Our faces are priceless, but captures the moment perfectly!

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